Vincent Van Dyke Effects is a full service special makeup effects studio. Our work ranges in many facets, but we specialize in creating prosthetic makeups, body creation, duplication and suit fabrication.

Our goal is to bring the most believable creations that can be imagined to life. Having all of our work based in reality, even when the subject being created is otherworldly, it is very important for us to maintain a sense of reality within everything that we breathe life into. Working on a wide range of projects, small and large budget shows we maintain creative ways to accomplish effects within your budget and time parameters to bring your visions to life. We pride ourselves on maintaining a signature of quality and aesthetic from maintaining a crew of some of the best artists in the field.


Vincent Van Dyke has been a professional working in the makeup effects field for over 15 years. Primarily working as a sculptor and painter he eventually found his way to one of hollywood’s leading makeup effects companies, The Burman Studio, where he ultimately  became creative director and project supervisor. He was given the core foundation needed to have his own company by owner’s Bari and Tom Burman. Learning the fundamentals of building teams, and orchestrating these teams to get the best work possible under extremely tight deadlines on TV shows like Nip Tuck and Grey’s Anatomy. For both of these shows he was nominated for 4 primetime Emmy awards. 

Vincent Van Dyke

Owner/creative Director

Richard Courté has been a professional working in the makeup effects field for over 12 years. His primary position has always been in a managerial sense, providing companies exceptional client services which has lead to maintaining relationships that have lasted over a decade.

Working with VVDFX for the last 8 years as managing director and producer, Richard follows through the beginning stages of facilitating the needs of client’s initial paperwork and proposals to final closure of deals that often exhibit tight deadlines; all while maintaining the expectations of creating smooth work flow on an inhouse level as well as on a production perspective.  

Richard Courté

Managing Director/ Producer

Brian Walsh has been a professional working in the makeup effects field for over 22 years. His experience in the business spans across many different avenues, but has primarily been as a production supervisor and project coordinator for many of Hollywood’s leading makeup effects companies. Continuing that level and position, now working with VVDFX, Brian is an essential part of the day to day routine. Handling all script breakdowns, DOOD’s, schedules, shipping and general production/client needs.  Working closely with Vincent, Brian is responsible for great communication between departments so that there is always good continuity and work flow, especially in today’s tight schedules.

Brian Walsh

Production coordinator